Our Teaching Method

We operate the tried and tested structured learning method of teaching, this is the DSA approved format of 24 Key Skills to be covered through the 5 achievement levels.

The achievement levels are as follows.

  • Skill has been introduced.
  • Skill can be carried out under full instruction
  • Skill can be carried out when prompted
  • Skill seldom needs to be prompted.
  • Skill is carried out consistently without prompting.

When you can carry out the 24 Key skills that are covered during your driving test to level 5 then you are ready for your test.

According to the DSA, pupils who pass their driving test will on average need 45 hrs professional tuition, along with 22 hours of private practice ( usually Mum or Dad). We fully recommend that you practice what you have learnt between lesson’s, this will help you to reach a fully competent level faster and cheaper.

The current national pass rate is just 58%. We pride ourselves here at Ahead of the Field with first time pass rate of more than 4 out of 5