Pass Plus Courses

Why take a Pass Plus?

Every day in Britain, 2 under 25s die in road accidents. Make sure you don’t add yourself to the statistics.

DSA Recommended Course PASS PLUS is a highly recommended short course of 6hrs minimum, designed by the DSA, insurers and instructors to help provide you more confidence, reduce your risk of being in an accident and increase you experience

Save Money Through Reduced Insurance Premiums

When you successfully complete you Pass Plus course you will usually qualify for a substantial discount on your motor insurance. A full list of Insurers who subscribe to this discounted scheme can be found on the Pass Plus web site under the following link

What Does A Pass Plus Course Involve ?

During this course we will take you through a number of driving situations you may not have experienced to date, such as Town Driving (unfamiliar towns etc). All – weather driving, this is mostly theory but practical experience will be given where possible. Driving out of town, night driving, driving on dual carriageways and most importantly motorway driving. There is no need to take a test, however you must successfully complete all modules in the course to achieve a pass certificate.

How much does the Pass Plus Course Cost ?

Our prices are very competitive. To check out our prices, give us a call or send us an email.